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Fountain Valley Police Department Press Releases

TO PRESS: FROM: Lt. Mike Simko
(714) 593-4528
May 28 2009

Graffiti is an ever present nuisance that is very costly to the City. To help combat this problem, the Fountain Valley Police Department is joining other local Police Departments and taking part in a new program, Tracking Automated Graffiti Reporting System (T.A.G.R.S.). This program was created by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to document and link graffiti to aid in investigations and recover clean-up costs. 

HOW IT WORKS - When residents report graffiti to the graffiti hotline, a Public Works employee will respond to the scene with a special camera phone that will be used to document the location, photograph and provide clean-up cost information. This information will automatically be sent to the T.A.G.R.S. database at the Police Department, which will be monitored by the Police Department and will be used as an investigative tool to fight graffiti crimes.

THE BENEFITS – Using the T.A.G.R.S. system allows the Police Department to more effectively track graffiti and link incidents throughout Orange County. It will aid in cross-jurisdictional investigations, intra-agency communication and more effective prosecutions. It will also eliminate the duplication of efforts between the Public Works and Police Departments, which will increase Officers’ patrol time. The T.A.G.R.S. software, training and phone are free; and the only additional cost is the monthly data service fee for the cellular phone. 

The City of Fountain Valley implemented this program on May 26, 2009. As part of the program, residents are encouraged to report graffiti by calling our *NEW* graffiti hotline at (714) 593-4604 or by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The hotline and email service are monitored only by the Public Works Department. However, if you see a suspect or the vandalism is in progress, please call 9-1-1.

If you have any questions regarding the T.A.G.R.S. program, please contact Lieutenant Mike Simko at (714) 593-4528.

Lt. Mike Simko
Patrol Division
(714) 593-4528

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