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Tracking and Automated Graffiti Reporting System (TAGRS)

594 Graffiti, LLC is the graffiti solution provider for Tracking and Automated Graffiti Reporting System (TAGRS) database management software, an application designed to serve the needs of law enforcement agencies to identify the offenders and reduce graffiti in order to improve the quality of life for the residents.

TAGRS is designed for city, state and federal government agencies that administer and maintain data for taggers. TAGRS is the only commercial data management solution designed specifically for law enforcement agencies. No other solution today can provide data base management with the law enforcement agency-specific functionality already built in, ready for installation with minimal interface design. Its intent is to monitor the frequency of graffiti and to establish patterns that will assist in the deployment of resources and conviction of the offender.

It is a database where graffiti crimes can be inputted, recorded and tracked. It is photo-based which allows pictures of the graffiti or known offenders to be posted for quick analysis and suspect identification. It is equipped with GPS mapping. The program is designed for the gathering and sharing of information which could lead to the detection of the graffiti offender. In short, it is an important tool in the recording, tracking and identification of graffiti crimes and offenders. We design, build and deploy TAGRS which allows varying levels of access to government information online via either Secure Intranet or Internet access.

TAGRS web-based application is designed as a turnkey solution. The flexibility of our program allows for easy customization based on your departmental needs. Our program staff will tailor the application to your specific program requirements and meet your deadlines for installation and implementation for an on-time deployment, while maintaining our cost effective edge. Ease of use for both law enforcement and city officials operations has been paramount in our design philosophy. A logical approach and intuitive navigation allow straightforward access to data entry, searches, data output and site maps. Additionally, help text in each view will easily guide the user through the simple steps of obtaining the information they seek. This web-based application features a powerful searchable database of your information.

TAGRS will access data via search criteria defined by the user. Data output is based on user specifications and can be tailored for law enforcement agency use and/or city officials access use as decreed by your individual laws and regulations. Data entry is simple and requires no prior computer experience or knowledge. TAGRS application has the ability to automatically import your data via custom or standard interface tools.

Some of the features:
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Reports
  • Map GIS
  • Support Smartphone, PDA, BlackBerry, Cell phones, Android, iPhone or Digital camera
  • Multi City Support
  • Multi Agency Support
  • Analytical Module
  • Analytical Staff
  • Cross Agency Search
  • Transmitting W.O. to Mobile device Real-time (new)
  • Public Transit Support
  • Evidentiary Report
  • Tagger Info in Compliance under federal law
  • (CFR) Part 23 (28 CFR Part 23)
  • SMS/Email Alert
  • Electronic messaging with all agencies
  • Custom removal cost for each city
  • Field Interview (F.I.)
  • Reporting Area
  • Covert and non-covert surveillance camera
  • F.I. Audio Support
  • Video Support
  • Bulletin
  • Tagger Wall, Moniker Wall, Crew Wall
  • Integration to Linx
  • Integration to Coplinks
  • Integration to CAD/RMS/311
  • Integration to 311 System
  • Data Export (PDF/Excel)
  • Full Database Control
  • Twitter support
  • GPS Tracking & Fleet Management - Live Vehicle Tracking (new)