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Graffiti Analysis

594 Graffiti is now offering a new Graffiti Analysis service to all LEA, code enforcement agencies and public works departments. 594 Graffiti will be the graffiti intelligence unit for your investigators. The graffiti and gang experts at 594 Graffiti will be able to analyze the tag and classify them into tagging graffiti or gang graffiti. The analysis of the gang graffiti will provide you with the gang name, moniker, the type of graffiti and potential threat. The tagging graffiti analysis will provide you with the tagging crew and moniker. The graffiti types, monikers, crew and gang names will be stored in a secure data base for future search by your staff using the TAGRS data base system.

The hidden message of the graffiti, which is analyzed by our experts, will be essential during your investigation of the incident. The graffiti analysis service will reduce your investigation time which will save departmental cost.

594 Graffiti experts will analyze and manage all your graffiti incidents. Our services will save your agency $150K year after year based on these annual costs:

- Graffiti Analyst - Administrative Support - Office Real Estate - IT Services

The law enforcement agents have 24/7 access to the following information:

- Active tagers in your city - Active neighborhood gangs and related hidden messages via tags - Estimated damage per tager

594 Graffiti will reduce graffiti abatement cost as well as assist in more arrests. Our analysis services will save your agency money and your agents time.

594 Graffiti will reduce graffiti in your neighborhood