Homeless Outreach Tracking System (HOTS)

TAGRS Homeless Outreach Tracking System module (HOTS)

The goal is to allow city departments including police use phone app to track down and shut down illegal homeless camps. Citizens report sightings on the city's online portal and police – accompanied by social workers – investigate the tips. This custom module under TAGRS will provide the Cities and Municipalities to tag and track encampments with complete workflow and notification using the mobile app. The encampment incident can be initiated by the 311 system or city staff. The incidents are geocoded with photos. Upon creation, appropriate staff will be notified for verification and identification. The site is posted with 72-hours' notice that the property will be cleaned up and those living in the encampment are identified and tracked with a mobile app. The City's Homeless Outreach Team visit the site and determine the next steps. The system also can suggest and offer assistance in finding shelter and services. Law-enforcement and Healthcare may be notified to follow-up with complete tracking. On the scheduled cleanup day, City services will clean up the site to meet City Municipal Code standards for public health and safety. Site Reclamation may occur once the site has been cleaned to help prevent the encampment from returning. Completion process followed by more photo and documentation can help management accurately run stats.


  • Task assignments (Notify Groups/Departments)
  • Capture Photos
  • Schedule vacate Date/Time and notification
  • Field Interview (F.I.) homeless.
  • Geocoding and mapping
  • Custom Reports
  • Property Tracking
  • Consent Form and Capture Signature